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Catering Machines Meath stock a huge variety of machinery suited to all types of food catering businesses including bars, cafés, restaurants, and those catering for large events. We stock top brands including Lainox, Blue Seal, Hozhizaki, Lincat, Sirman, Mach etc. Also featured are our own high-quality in house manufactured products. All of this - by Gecko Meath.

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Gecko Catering Equipment - Products

When you buy from us you are guaranteed to be receiving machinery built to the highest standard. We stock catering products suited to all food serving businesses, including cooking equipment, warewashing machinery, beverage machinery, refrigeration equipment, ice machines and much more. Gecko Meath have products to accommodate for the preparation, distribution, holding, heating and storage of all foods.

Gecko Catering Equipment is your one stop shop for all your catering needs, we never compensate on quality from the design and manufacture of all machinery to our exemplary after care service. Our in-house product team has over 35 years’ experience and are always on hand to provide sound, practical advice.

Products bought from our online store are delivered for free to customers located in the Republic of Ireland. Orders placed before 4pm will generally be delivered with 48 hours, but a next day delivery service is also available. Delivery time generally depends upon the size and nature of the order.

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Why this equipment?

Also... we have a deep understanding of our customers’ needs as well as vast knowledge of the catering industry. We have a team of highly skilled in-house engineers who are always available to talk you through the best products for your particular needs. We also provide a quality after sales service to ensure you remain happy with your purchase and are getting the best out of our products.

Food Preparation machines Meath

Food Preparation Meath stock a variety of food preparation machines aimed at making your kitchen more efficient, saving time and money. Our equipment comes in a range of sizes and designs, with options suited to smaller café’s all the way up to large restaurants and catering agencies.

Catering machines meath

We stock preparation equipment suited to all types of cooking requirements. Food preparation machines sizes range from small, counter top products to large heavy-duty machinery, you are sure to find the right equipment for your business here. All our machines come with full warranties and we provide free delivery anywhere in Ireland.

When preparing food for functions where a larger crowd is involved, it is important that the look and quality of the food is consistent. Machines provided by Gecko Catering Equipment gives you the ability to provide high-quality, uniform dishes no matter the size of the crowd, ensuring the event is a success.

No matter your type of business, café restaurant or canteen, Gecko Catering Equipment provides you the ability to reduce costs and improve your kitchen efficiency. Our automated food preparation machines are the ideal solution to preparing multiple meals ahead of service, especially during peak hours.

For jobs involving a large amount of food preparation we understand the importance of maintaining consistent results whilst also meeting your quantity targets. Our cutting-edge machinery features powerful motors and heavy-duty blades and bowls ensuring fast and efficient preparation. All machines come with simple controls and design for ease of access.

  • Combi Ovens

Gas and electric Lainox Combi-Ovens are an ideal solution for professional catering or food service operations. These are available in two types: dry (convection) and moist (steam) heat. These innovative machines can simultaneously steam vegetables whilst roasting or braising meat/fish. This greatly reduces food preparation time without compromising on quality. Combi-ovens are available in a variety of sizes and specs.

  • Griddles

Our griddled machinery allows you to cook different foods on a variety of surfaces at once, greatly improving efficiency. These are especially useful for large catering events or busy restaurants where food must be prepared quickly. Gecko Catering Equipment stocks gas and electric griddles sourced from leading manufacturers.

  • Panini and Contact Grills

Panini grills are the perfect solution for preparing paninis, toasted sandwiches or for grilling meats and vegetables. Our panini and contact grills are available in single or double capacity, flat or ribbed plates, with heavy-duty grills available to suit your cooking requirements. Grills are also configurable in order to suit specific food thickness and timings. Our Panini and contact grills and ideal for bistros, cafés and mobile kitchens.

  • Commercial Kitchen Fryers

Faster cooking means less oil absorption and tastier food. Choose from double or single tank fryers as well as counter top fryers, depending on your kitchen requirements. Our kitchen fryers are available in gas and electric with fast recovery and excellent output.
This is only a selection of the food preparation equipment on offer. 

Our Equipment

Gecko Catering Equipment are dedicated to simplifying the food preparation process without compromising on quality. Our diverse range of preparation equipment gives you the ability to effectively manage large food preparation jobs, producing consistent results. Our professional catering machines are a great way to improve kitchen efficiency, saving you time and money.

We stock a variety of food preparation equipment available to purchase online or in our Meath store. Products include mechanised potato peelers, dough mixers, food blenders, meat mincers, burger presses and much more. We endeavour to find the best solution to common kitchen problems, reducing errors in timing and quality wherever possible.

We also provide innovative solutions to food distribution and storage issues. Our diverse range of equipment covers all bases, ensuring maximum efficiency in your kitchen. Machinery is available in a variety of sizes and settings, so you are sure to find the right equipment for your needs.

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Please feel free to contact Gecko Catering Equipment with any question or queries you may have. Our team are happy to provide helpful, friendly advice.

Address: 5, Bush House, Powderlough, Dunshaughlin, Co. Meath, Ireland.