Synergy Grill is revolutionising the catering industry

Synergy Grill is revolutionising the catering industry

Synergy Grill is revolutionising the catering industry by combining high power with low energy consumption. Synergy Grill enables you to prepare food faster and at less than half the energy costs. Fat atomising technology mean theirs not fat tray to clean and best of all it created delicious food.

How does it work?

The grill works at incredibly hot temperatures radiating off a specifically cultured ceramic heat bed. High heat atomises the fat so there's no fat tray for chefs to clean and they don't need to worry about disposing of fatty waste.

The vapour released from the fat and oils during cooking are absorbed back into the food. Synergy Grills use 59% less gas than a standard grill.

 Synergy Grill

Eight reasons for choosing Synergy Grill


1. Superior Food Quality

Incredible flavour, succulent food and sharp branding. Synergy Grill produces more succulent food with a higher weight yield. 50% less shrinkage than a standard grill.

2. High Heat

Combines high power with low energy consumption. Award winning technology designed around its gas burners system. They work at incredibly hot temperatures yet uses an average of 59% less gas than a standard grill.

3. Pays for itself

On average customers save €1000 on energy costs per year.

4. Quick to clean

Fat is atomised on ceramic base plates, making cleaning easy. You can leave the unit until it's cold, then simply vacuum out the dust that's left.

5. No Fat Tray

Fat is atomised, so no fat tray to clean, no fat waste to dispose of. There is no risk from Synergy of causing blocked drains of slipper grease and you are being more environmentally responsible at the same time.

6. Less strain on extraction

Reduces the cleaning of flues and filters. The amount of grease passing through ventilation system is greatly reduced. 

7. Simple to operate

Electronic ignition system with flame protection probe. Thermocouples are prone to break, Synergy Grill doesn't have any. Instead it uses an electronic ignition system with an intelligent flame detection probe.

8. Safe to use

Cool air routed around the grill to produce cool touch surfaces.


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